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 Smoked ham and Pag cheese - Dalmatinski prsut and Paski sir  Beef stew with dumplings - Pasticada sa njokima  Quality fresh fish - Oborita riba  Lobster - Jastog

Dalmatian specialties

A prelude of Dalmatian mediterannian cousine - a small selection of Dalmatian specialities for all your senses. Fresh and healthy seafood, homegrown bio food, olive extravergine iol, local wines from sunny vineyards, great variety of flavors for every taste... Wine, dine and unwind!

 Barbecued lamb - Janjetina na raznju  Fish stew, brodetto - Brujet  Octopus salad - Salata od hobotnice  All sorts of risotto - Rizoto, crni, skampi

 Variety of shells - Kamenice, dagnje, Jakobova  Octopus under baking lid - Hobotnica ispod peke  Stuffed or grilled calamari - Lignje na zaru  Shrimps sauce or grill - Skampi na buzaru

Smoked ham and Cheese - "Dingac" P.Z. Dingac

Smoked ham and Cheese - Dalmatian prsut i sir - double-smoked ham. This dry ham has a distinctive flavor, texture and aroma not found elsewhere, an unmatchable product of Dalmatia's specific climate and ecosystem.
There is a variety of cheeses made in Dalmatia. The most famous is Paski sir (sheep's milk).

Dingac - P.Z. Dingac - red dry wine, ruby red color, made in Peljesac peninsula.
Gastro recommendation: cheeses and Dalmatian prsut (prosciutto).

 Restaurant Pelegrini  Restaurant Pelegrini  Restaurant Zlatna Ribica  Restaurant Zlatna Ribica

list of the best restaurants in Sibenik

Only the best restaurants in Sibenik - recommended places where to eat in Sibenik.

  • Restaurant "Pelegrini" - located by the cathedral Sv. Jakov, combination of tradition and innovation, dishes with truffles. Address: Jurja Dalmatinca 1, tel.: +385 (0)22 213 701 -
  • Restaurant "Zlatna Ribica" - Brodarica - a gastronomic and touristic institution of Sibenik, numerous acknowledgments and awards, situated in a beautiful bay, traditional fish and meat menus.
    Address: Brodarica - Sibenik, Krapanjskih Spuzvara 46, tel.: +385 (0)22 350 695 -
  • Tavern/Restaurant "Highlander Pub" - long family tradition, in Old town center, typical Dalmatian cuisine with some unconventional meals. Address: Pribislavica 1, tel.: +385 (0)22 771 192
  • Restaurant "Uzorita" - in family from 1898, own shellfish breeding site, international meals, Dalmatian fusion cuisine. Address: Bana Josipa Jelacica 58, tel.: +385 (0)22 213 660 -
  • Restaurant "Cantinetta" - Skradin - family restaurant, uses old recipes like the famous Skradin veal risotto, good offer of local wines. Address: Skradinskih svilara 7, tel.: +385 (0)22 771 183
  • Restaurant "Bonaca" - Skradin - a great gastronomical variety of dishes well-known in Skradin, terrace, seafood with pasta... Address: Rokovaca 5, tel.: +385 (0)22 771 444
  • Restaurant "Zlatne Skoljke" - Skradin - one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Skradin, international/Mediterranean fusion cuisine. Address: Grgura Ninskog 9, tel.: +385 (0)22 771 022
  • Restaurant "Torcida" - Donje polje - grilled meat, lamb prepared in any way, Dalmatian prosciutto and sheep cheese with bread made under the lid. Address: Donje polje 42, tel.: +385 (0)22 565 748
  • Restaurant "Boraja" - Boraja - famous for its Boraja barbecued lamb.
    Address: Boraja 17, tel.: +385 (0)22 566 522

 Restaurant Highlander  Restaurant Uzorita  Restaurant Cantinetta  Restaurant Bonaca