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 Beef stew with dumplings - Pasticada sa njokima  Quality fresh fish - Oborita riba  Smoked ham and Pag cheese - Dalmatinski prsut and Paski sir  Shrimps sauce or grill - Skampi na buzaru

Dalmatian specialties

A prelude of Dalmatian mediterannian cousine - a small selection of Dalmatian specialities for all your senses. Fresh and healthy seafood, homegrown bio food, olive extravergine iol, local wines from sunny vineyards, great variety of flavors for every taste... Wine, dine and unwind!

 Variety of shells - Kamenice, dagnje, Jakobova  Octopus under baking lid - Hobotnica ispod peke  Stuffed or grilled calamari - Lignje na zaru  Lobster - Jastog

 Barbecued lamb - Janjetina na raznju  All sorts of risotto - Rizoto, crni, skampi  Octopus salad - Salata od hobotnice  Fish stew, brodetto - Brujet

"Pasticada" beef stew with dumplings - "Dubokovic 2718" Dubokovic

Beef stew with dumplings - also called pasticada. A traditional slow-cooked meal made out of baby beef meat and potato dumplings.

Dubokovic 2718 - red dry wine, intensive bouquet, made in Hvar. 2718 stands for the hours of sunshine a year the grapes are exposed to.
Gastro recommendation: meat with strong flavors and rich texture.

       Dubokovic 2718

 Restaurant boat Celica  Tavern Tragos  Tavern Tragos  Tavern Kamerlengo

list of the best restaurants in Trogir

Only the best restaurants in Trogir - recommended places where to eat in Trogir.

  • Restaurant "Celica" - located on an old wooden ship, great view, good offer of fish.
    Address: Ciovo - Lucica, tel.: +385 (0)21 882 344
  • Tavern "Tragos" - situated in the middle of the historical part of town, traditional fish and meat meals. Address: Budislaviceva 3, tel.: +385 (0)21 884 729 -
  • Tavern "Kamerlengo" - in the Old town core, quality grilled fish, spiny lobster, prawns a la buzara, octopus salad, Pag cheese. Address: Vukovarska 2, tel.: +385 (0)21 884 772 -
  • Tavern "Capo" - heart of the Old town, octopus salad, black risotto, fried: hake, smelt, roach, prawn, marinated anchovy. Address: Ribarska 11, tel.: +385 (0)21 881 261 -
  • Tavern "Paviceve mlinice" - restored Renaissance mills, maritime lagoon, fish pate, meat stew with gnocchi, under baking lid. Address: Pantana bb, tel.: +385 (0)21 895 095 -

 Tavern Kamerlengo  Tavern Capo  Tavern Paviceve mlinice