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About Trogir

Where is Trogir: 27 km west of Split, on the coast of Kastela's bay, has 10,000 inhabitants.
Close to the highway: M2, E65 and A1. Split international airport is only 3 km far from Trogir.
Regular bus line number 37 every 30 min connects Split, airport and Trogir, and back.

About Trogir: founded in the 4. century B.C. as a Greek colony: Tragurion.
Since 1997 recognized by UNESCO as the monument of the World cultural heritage.
Unique town-museum famous for its architecture, history and atmosphere.

City, on the little island, connected to the mainland with a small bridge, and to the island of Ciovo on the other side. Trogir is the best preserved romanic-gotic town on Mediterranien.
The medivial core is dating from romanical, gotical, reneissance and baroq period.

St. Lawrence Cathedral is a Romanesque-Gothic basilica with famous portal of sculptor Radovan, priceless collection of the Chapel of St. John of Trogir, gothic church bell, the Campanile one of the most beautiful on the Mediterranean.

The cathedral is on the main square near the Clock Tower, City Hall, Lodge (once the Court of Justice) and the Cipico Palace, one of the most beautiful palaces in old town. Relax on the main town square and enjoy the view while having a cup of coffee or a ice cream in a coffee bar.

Kairos, God of lucky moment, bronze relief and symbol of the town is part of St. Nicholas monastery collection. Sights: Town walls, 13th century, South and North Town gate, the Kamerlengo Tower, St. Mark's Tower, St. Sebastian's votive church, St. Peter Church...

Enter the old town gate, stroll through the narrow streets, that mostly haven't changed for centuries, and let your imagination take you to historical times.

Enjoy in lively fishermen's nights and folklore shows, classical music concerts in special scenic sets of the town, at night time Dalmatian songs are heard from every corner.
Disco bar Padre is in the old town and dico bar Monaco is across the Ciovo bridge.

Quality accommodation - hotels, villas, boarding houses, apartments, delicious domestic food, fish dishes in particular, the sports and recreation, adventure and lot of fun.
Marina is on the north coast of island of Ciovo, oposite to the Riva and the Kamerlengo Tower.

The most popular beaches are: Pantan - 500 m long gravel and sandy beach with pine wood, (1,5 km). Okrug - the most popular 2 km long gravel beach, water sports and fun, (5 km).
Hotel Medena (Seget) - 3 km gravel beach, surrounded by pine wood, variety of sports, (4 km).

Trogir is a lively Mediterranean small town with picturesque coffee-bars, excellent restaurants, taverns, bars ,unspoiled ,eco beaches, numerous vacation possibilities, along with its historical and cultural heritage inspires your imagination and is a challenge to a new adventure.

Trogir attractions & activities

  • St Lawrence Cathedral
  • Radovan's portal
  • St. Barbara Church
  • Greek Kairos exibition
  • Duke's court
  • City Hall
  • The Cipiko palace
  • Kamerlengo Fortress
  • Benedictine monastery
  • Town museum
  • Nice little streets
  • National park Krka