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what to see in Trogir - arts and culture

Take a walk through the old city's core and you will see that every single stone in Trogir tells a story about culture, history and art.

Pinathotek - the collection of sacred arts preserves a precious artistic and written heritage of Trogir churches, including works of Blaz Jurjev Trogiranin, the famous painter from the 15th century.

"All Saints" Gallery - The art gallery is housed in the church of the same name. This simple church was built in the 16th century. The painting of All Saints has been preserved in the apse of the church.

cultural and artistic events in Trogir

Kairos Festival - international festival of the happy moment is held usually in mid-June and lasts for three days. This manifestation provides a number of cultural and entertainment events related to the town's history, with emphasis on the Ancient times.

Concerts, street performances, antique fair, the ball of Kairos and many other happy moments will take you back to the ancient history.

Medieval Fair - the fair takes place at the beginning of May. Don't be afraid to step into the Middle Ages - you will find out that it wasn't so dark as you might have thought. Enjoy the Medieval moment and learn more about crafts, clothing and food of those times.

Trogir Summer Festival - the Festival is held during summer months and offers a variety of cultural and entertainment events. Many international and local artists perform their arts in charming ambiences of the old city's core and Kamerlengo castle.
Enjoy concerts of classical music, chamber music, plays and exhibitions.

If you are fond of more hedonistic pleasures, don't miss the Fisherman's evenings, a folk manifestation of fun, delicious food and wine that is held several times during the Festival.

Municipality Day - in the mid-November, Trogir celebrates its patron saint, St. John of Trogir, a bishop who was a significant figure in the history. He died in 1111, and was beatified in 1192.