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History of Supetar

The oldest human habitat of Dalmatia is found on Brac island, in Kopacina cave near Supetar. It is assumed that people had lived there since 8000 BC.
The old Illyrians, and later Greeks and Romans had inhabitated this area during ancient times.

The settlement called Supetar was mentioned for the first time in 1423. It was situated in a bay, at the place of today's cemetery.

Todays town of Supetar was founded in the 16th century, when inhabitants of 5 mile distant Nerezisca started to use this site as a harbour.

Because of its more favorable geographic position, Supetar had surpassed Nerezisca and became the administrative centre of Brac island.

Different rulers throughout the history have left traces in culture, architecture and economy of the town and island Brac.

Historical attractions - what to see in Supetar

The Parish Church of the Annunciation - the most significant sacral building in Supetar was built on the foundations of the early Christian basilica of St. Peter. Supetar was named after Sv. Petar, which is Croatian equivalent to English St. Peter.

The old mosaic revealed in 1975 was actually a floor of the old basilica.
Today's Church of the Annunciation was built in 18th century. Nearby museum keeps valuable ecclestiastical treasures and documents.

Church of St. Nicholas - the church was built on a cemetery in the 18th century.
The consecrated place of burials had existed since the Ancient times.
Adjacent to the church walls, there are two well preserved old Christian sarcophagi.

Beside the sarcophagi, there are several impressive tombstones, with beautiful releifs made by famous local sculptors.
The Petrinovic Mausoleum is a wonderful piece of art from the outside as well as inside.

A few more churches to be seen in Supetar and surroundings: The Church of St. Roch dates from 1632. The Church of St. Luke preserves the drawing on the plaster from the 11th century. Shrine of our Lady of Lourdes was erected at the beginning of the 20th cent. on Celina field.