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About Cavtat

Where is Cavtat a picturesque small town (2,000 inhabitants): in the south Dalmatia, Croatia,
20 km SE from Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik airport is just 6 km away, the state highway (M2, E65) is nearby, regular bus and boat services connect it with Dubrovnik and surroundings.

About Cavtat: like many towns in Dalmatia, it began as a Greek settlement - Epidauros,
288 BC got under the Romans and became a civitas (city), later derived to Cavtat.
Today's Cavtat was raised on ruins of ancient Epidaurus, predecessor of Dubrovnik.

Between Adriatic sea and Snijeznica mountain (1,234 m) lies small town on the 2 peninsulas, Rat and Sustjepan, green oasis that has remained untouched for centuries.

The place of unique beauties of scenery, beaches and bays, submarine areas, clean environment, antiquities and cultural heritage, rich vegetation and mild Mediterranean climate makes Cavtat desirable tourist destination throughout the entire year.

Attractions: Baroque church of St Nicholas, Rector's Palace, Franciscan monastery, Vlaho Bukovac Art Gallery, Bogisic's scientific collection, Racic Mausoleum, designed by Ivan Mestrovic the famous sculptor, city walls, archaeological sites, the Sipun cave etc.

Discover its beauty as you walk along the streets, harmonious diversity of architecture, summer houses, villas, chapels, house of the famous painter Vlaho Bukovac, well preserved Roman statues, such as the remnants of a theatre, aqueduct and old palaces.

Eplore the old part of the town, restaurants, bars, gift shops, along the waterfront. The night life typical for a little town on the coast where cafes and bars represent real entertainment. During the summer the place is buzzing with tourists, who are enjoying till the early hours.

Old town is popular walking area. Cavtat also offers a 7 km promenade by pine forests paths only a few meters from the sea, around the peninsulas.

The Cavtat Summer is the series of entertainment and cultural events from the end of June until the beginning of September. Various music and dance shows, classical music concerts, street performances, etc. All events are free.

Carnival in Cavtat - a colorful procession of princesses and other fairy-tale characters goes along the streets of the coast. Epidaurus Festival is music festival with various events, educational and folklore workshops, drama and literature.

Wealth of sporting and recreational activities, tennis, beach volleyball, cycling, fitness centres, free climbing, hiking, skydiving, football and basketball, water sports and activities, attractive underwater locations, scuba diving, sailing, snorkelling, fishing or water polo, jet-ski, boat trips...

Scenery, rich cultural and historical heritage, range of services meet tourists demands. Feel the spirit of the past time. Discover own wishes, hidden coves at peace, long walks at the seaside, active holiday, recreational sports and entertaining cultural programmes...

Cavtat attractions & activities

  • St Nicholas church
  • The Cavtat Summer
  • Franciscan monastery
  • Riva & promenade
  • Rector's Palace
  • Racic Mausoleum
  • Summer carnival
  • Bukovac Art gallery
  • Bogisic's collection
  • Boat trip to Dubrovnik
  • Restaurants, taverns
  • National park Mljet