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what to see in Cavtat - arts and culture

House of Vlaho Bukovac - the birth house of the glorious artist, a master of Croatian Modern art, renowned in the world as well. The imposing building placed in the old city's core preserves and exhibits works and other material related to the artist's life.

Beside the invaluable collection of around 30 paintings, you can also see some furniture, usable items and personal belongings of the Bukovac family.

Racic Family Mausoleum - the mausoleum from 1921 is located in the St. Roch cemetery. The rich shipowner's family Racic has built their last resort out of white stone of Brac island, in the shape of the dome. The door and the bell were cast in bronze.
Mausoleum features sculptures, drawings that symbolically present human life through phases.

Baltazar Bogisic collection - housed in the Prince's Palace, this collection preserves inheritance of the Cavtat's scientist and intellectual, Baltazar Bogisic.
You can see library with numerous valuable books, including incunabulum, archival material and artistic treasure once belonged to the Bogisic family.

cultural and artistic events in Cavtat

A Roman metropolis of the south Adriatic once, and later part of the advanced Dubrovnik Republic - the impressive history has left indelible traces to the cultural identity of the town.

Streets of Cavtat are allocated by master urban plan. Town's buildings with predominating Renaissance and Baroque styles, sometimes with terraces open for the eye of a visitor, represent the first touch with Cavtat's reach culture.

Epidaurus Festival - primarily the festival of music, but also includes other forms of artistic expression, like drama literature, folklore and more. The festival starts at the end of August and lasts for almost a month.

During that time, Cavtat hosts musicians, poets and other artists from all over the world. Thus, the town's customs and culture merges with the culture of the world in a charming ambiences of Cavtat and Konavle region.