HVAR  -  island of Hvar,  Dalmatia,  Croatia

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Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel Adriana Spa Hotel
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Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort Amfora Resort
Very good 8.2 from 105 €

Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour Hotel Hvar Riva Hotel
Good 7.4 from 92 €

About Hvar

Where is Hvar: on the western side of the island Hvar, second island (behind Brac) from Split. Hvar is an ancient city with rich history, beautiful nature, charming architecture and pleasant mild climate, may be said as a true fairy-tale city.

About Hvar: one of the 10 most beautiful island of the world, 2,736 hours of annual sunshine, cristal turquoise sea, marvellous bays and pebble beaches, lush vegetation, mild climate, olive groves, vineyards, fields of lavander, cultural and historical sights...

The jewel - city of Hvar, with the oldest organised tourism in Europe, founded in 1868, still is a popular tourist destination, blending exclusive reputation with warm natural hospitality.
Benefits of tourist destination is diversity of activities to suit every budget and energy level.

Monuments will bring you back into times when Hvar was under Venice, Austria and Napoleon, fascinating communal theatre - the oldest in Europe, the City Loggia, the Arsenal, the Cathedral, the Fortress, the Franciscan Monastery...

Port open to the sea and the Paklinski otoci, a unique mild climate perfect for health treatment, beaches, restaurants, clubs... Once a town of turbulent history, today it is one of the most prominent and visited tourist centres in the Adriatic.

Hvar has an enviable selection of various stunning beaches, easy to walk to, a bit more exploring will discover hidden coves, taxi boats will transfer you to any of the Paklinski islands to find "your" beach or the shadow of pine, like Robinson, island is a known destination for naturists.

Sunbathing, sailing, sipping cocktails under stunning sunsets at sea and party time are some popular activities, but there is still plenty to discover inland, including selected award-winning wine tasting, cycling, hiking, climbing, sightseeing, yoga, for all energy and fitness levels.

Feeling adventurous, experience sailing and sea kayaking, hiking, cycling and rock climbing, discovery the hidden and otherwise inaccessible places, with off-road jeep safaris. Open your senses by fascinating journey through sights, smells, sounds, touch and tastes.

Tourists enjoying its hidden places, embracing harmony of climate, sea, landscape, weather and benevolence of people. Not surprisingly, many of a famous writer has been bowled over by Hvar. Hvar offers a number of benefits, which is hard to find anywhere else.

Hvar has a growing reputation as an exclusive party destination with recent guests: Bill Gates, John Malkovich, Roman Abramovich, Kevin Spacey, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, UK princ Harry...
Excellent hotels and excellent private accommodation with authentic stone experience.

The city is a unique blend of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, and mundane, tourist present, an inexhaustible treasury of the unique scenery, great atmosphere and adventure.

Hvar attractions & activities

  • St. Stephen cathedral
  • Paklinski islands
  • Old theatre, Arsenal
  • Fortica fortress
  • Riva promenade
  • Old town streets
  • Hidden beaches
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Franciscan monastery
  • Inland safari
  • Sea food restaurants
  • Carpe Diem hangout