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 Hvar Theatre - founded back in 1612  Hvar Theatre is considered to be the 1st public theatre in Europe  Arsenal - Gallery of Modern Arts is placed in a lobby  Arsenal - Gallery of Modern Arts - artist Jakov Bratanic

The town of Hvar has been one of the cultural centres of Croatian Renaissance literature. Beside the remarkable buildings, a theatre and galleries to witness its rich cultural heritage, Hvar also boasts with many notable residents that have contributed to the cultural identity of this town.

what to see in Hvar - arts and culture

Hvar Theatre - Founded back in 1612., the Hvar Theatre is considered to be the first public theatre in Europe. The Theatre is the main cultural and social symbol of Hvar.

Arsenal - Gallery of Modern Arts - The Gallery is placed in a lobby of the Hvar Theatre, in the monumental Arsenal building. The permanent exhibition of the Gallery presents the works by contemporary Croatian artists.

Franciscan Monastery & Museum - built in the 15th century as a haven for weary sailors. The building hosts the Museum which exhibits old coins, lace, nautical charts and some valuable documents. The magnificant Last Supper painting from the 16th century dominates the room

Bishop's Treasury - behind the tower and adjoining the Cathedral of St Stjepan, the building treasures old silver vessels, a 13th century icons and some carved sarcophagi.

 Franciscan Monastery and Museum  Atrium of the Franciscan Monastery - stage for cultural events  Franciscan Monastery - Last Supper painting from the 16th century  Bishops Treasury - behind the Cathedral of St Stjepan

 Hvar Summer Events - Concerto in front of City Hall  Hvar Summer Events - musical event in the Franciscan Monastery  Hvar Summer Events - traditional choir singing - klape  Hvar Theatre Days in May

cultural and artistic events in Hvar

Hvar Summer Events - The traditional Summer Events take place in Hvar during the summer months. Numerous artists, theatre troups and musicians from Croatia and abroad perform their arts in charming interiors of the Hvar Theatre and the Franciscan Monastery.

Hvar Theatre Days - If you find yourself in Hvar in May, don't miss the Hvar Theatre Days, a scientific and cultural manifestation with numerous plays and symposiums dedicated to Croatian literature and theatre. Most of events are held in a marvelous interior of the Theatre.

Art galleries - charming art galleries: HvarRoom, Aloha, Minimal, Orada, Made in Hvar, Sosa...

Following the Cross (Za Krizen) - This traditional Procession takes place every Maundy Thursday continuosly for the last five centuries. This unique expression of the local religious identity recently has been enlisted into the UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list.
Slip into a good pair of walking shoes and join the locals in their worship ceremony.

 Art gallery HvarRoom exhibition  Art gallery HvarRoom  Art gallery Sosa  Za Krizen - traditional Procession every Maundy Thursday