SPLIT  -  Dalmatia,  Croatia

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About Split

Where is Split: in the middle of the eastern Adriatic coast; it is center of Dalmatia, as well as east coast of Adriatic sea. Split is an attractive multilevel tourist destination and a transport hub to the Dalmatian rivieras and islands. It's an enchanting place.

Roman emperor Diocletian, originating from this region, who started to build his palace in this friendly bay around 293 AD was the first inhabitant of Split. Diocletian's Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of most impressive Roman monuments in the world.

Rich past of over 1.700 years left its traces blended in the town everyday life. The mixture of all historic layers makes a part of its originality. Today the big city lives by the silent beats of history, lively temperamental spirit of the young and its particular warm Mediterranean charm.

Diocletian's Palace is a sight like no other, ancient Roman ruin and the living soul of Split.
Walk inside Diocletian's Palace and you'll see many bars, shops and restaurants blooming amid the atmospheric old walls where life in Split has been going on for 1000s of years.

Temple of Jupiter. Cellars of the palace, accessed via the Bronze Gate that leads off the Riva, huge, labyrinthine halls once used to make wine and press olives, exhibitions today.
Remains of Salona a Roman settlement and many more attractions and activities.

The narrow labyrinthine streets hide courtyards and passageways, some deserted and sleepy, others packed with people thumping with music from cafes and various bars with general buzz inside it, while the local residents hang out their washing to dry overhead like flags, children play soccer amid the ancient walls, and grannies sit in their windows observing the action below.

The train, bus and ferry terminals are grouped on the eastern side of the harbour, a 5min walk from the old town. Most of the best restaurants and the large hotels, beaches and nightlife lie east of the harbour along Bacvice to Trstenik Bays.

Inhabitants say it is "the most beautiful in the world", in accordance with this Split offers an unforgettable series of images and facilities. Beyond great hotel accommodation in the town and on its outskirts, there are private apartments fully equipped and furnished.

The wooded Marjan Hill (178m) is a peninsula-park on the west part of the city and has many beaches at its foothills... Riva is "living room" and the best central reference point in Split.

Because of its natural, cultural and other resources, it is an ideal holiday destination with abundant tourist resources, an environmentally clean and attractive coastline, numerous beaches and beach resorts, flora and fauna, the attractive coastline and terrain, mild climate.

Split offers a range of other facilities such as shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, museums, theaters, cinemas, galleries - in short, everything your heart desires.
Excursions to nearby islands Hvar, Brac, Vis, rafting on Cetina river and so on...

Split's unique setting, atmosphere and exuberant nature make it one of the most delectable and charming cities in Europe...

Split attractions & activities

  • Diocletian's Palace
  • Riva promenade
  • Peristil & Sphinx
  • St Domnius Cathedral
  • The Cellars
  • Roman Salona
  • Summer festival
  • Museums
  • Ivan Mestrovic Gallery
  • Bacvice beach
  • Marjan hill
  • Marketplace
  • Small vivid streets
  • Restaurants, taverns
  • Festivals, parties