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 7th century - Croats arrived on Adriatic coast  Makarska map - year 1572  Makarska Hotel Riviera - year 1933  Makarska beach - beginning - a few first swimmers

Makarska History - since the grand grand... grandpas

Traces of a human presence in this area date back to 1500 BC. It is assumed that the Cretans used to use a natural port between two peninsulas (at the place of todays town's port), as a haven on their Adriatic tours.

The first known inhabitants were Illyrians, who founded the Muccurum settlement in the 4th century. It was placed on Biokovo mountain, at the very edge of the great Roman Empire.

7th century - Slavs came and established Neretva Principality, with Mokro (todays Makarska) as its centre. The new inhabitants were skilled fishermen and dauntless pirates as well, who used to charge passage of foreign, often Venetian ships through this part of the Adriatic.

The principality became a part of the Croatian Kingdom in the 12th century. The region was also under the Venetian, Turkish and Napoleon's rule. Those influences are still visible, both in architecture and local customs as well.
The heart of the city, a Baroque city's core, dates from the Venetian period.

In the late 19th century, under the Austrians, Makarska became a fashionable seaside resort and important commercial port on the Adriatic.
The first hotel was built in 1914, marking the beginning of larger tourism in the area.

 Makarska main beach - swimming cap is mandatory  Makarska - riva once  Makarska riva - generation later  St. Mark Concathedral - main city square

 Palace Tonoli - City Museum  Museum - cultural collection and contemporary history  Museum - archaeological, ethnographic collection, library  Franciscan Monastery and Malacological Museum

Historical attractions - what to see in Makarska

City Museum - The museum contains four collections: archaeological, ethnographic, cultural / historical and a collection of contemporary history.
The building also houses the library and city archives.

The Franciscan Monastery & Malacological Museum - The Monastery was built in the 16th century and is one of the main attractions for tourists. Interior keeps the respectable library, with some of invaluable incunabulum, as well as the collection of old paintings.

The Monastery also houses the unique Malacological Museum, where you can see the world known collection of shells from all over the world.

St. Mark's Concathedral - This Baroque church is placed in the main city's square and surrounded by the historic city's core.
The main altar preserves the bones of St. Clement, the patron saint of the town.

Napoleon Monument - The monument in the shape of a pyramid was erected in the 19th century. Greet the ingenious military tactician as you enter town from the west.

 Franciscan Monastery - church  Malacological Museum - shells, crabs  Malacological Museum - not tavern menu  St. Mark Concathedral - baroque church in the main city square