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Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour Hotel Hvar Riva Hotel
Good 7.4 from 92 €

Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort Amfora Resort
Very good 8.2 from 105 €

Dalmacija Hvar Villa Hotel Villa Hotel Dalmacija
Decent 5.8 from 76 €


Hotel Guest Reviews
Brussels, Belgium
" For the money we paid, we expected a real 4-star hotel. " 5

Great Private Beach. For the money we paid, we expected a real 4-star hotel with a sea-view superior room, but we were surprised to see a rather smallish hotel with a tacky decor. The bathroom is very small and looks really old. I don't understand according to what standards this hotel was judged 4 stars.

Sep 28 2014
Milan, Italy
" Really good hotel. " 8.8

The staff is very helpful and friendly and it offers a good range of food and drinks. Really good hotel. In terms of facilities it is 4 stars but not in terms of rooms.

Sep 20 2014
Burren, Ireland
" Hotel is right beside the sea. " 8.8

It is right beside the sea and you can go from sun lounger straight into clear blue sea. It's about a 25 minute leisurely walk to Hvar town but it is a lovely walk along the sea. The cost of food and drink in the hotel is quite high compared with other bars and restaurants in town. One piece of advice I'd love to give the hotel is to enforce a policy that towels cannot be left on sun-loungers unattended for more than 15 minutes. At one point, we wanted to read in the shade for a few hours and all loungers were taken. Most of them were not occupied for the two hours we were there so it could easily have been avoided. Overall, the experience in the hotel was beautiful and very memorable.

Sep 16 2014
Marden, UK
" Would recommend for honeymoon couples. " 8.5

Landscaped beautifully into the rock with different levels going down to the water's edge. Although a couple of km outside of Hvar Town, the walkway around the bays was lovely. Would recommend for honeymoon couples. The superior rooms with sea view very expensive in the summer season.

Sep 11 2014
Vienna, Austria
" The room was clean and in good conditions. " 9.6

The beach is almost private (only a few locals - like 4 people - appeared near the beach) and the views are crazy marvelous. The room was clean and in good conditions. The restaurant/ bar closed at 22.30h so you have to use it in the. The bar was closed (beach bar), but still it was good. I think that sometimes the atmosphere was a bit snob, but if you don't want to feel that, don't go to a hotel with 4 stars ;)

Aug 30 2014
Barcelona, Spain
" The spa is nice. " 6.3

The spa is nice however, given it was the end of the season the sauna was always off and you needed to ask every time to switch it on. They have a shuttle bus but every time we asked for it, it was unavailable, so we had to walk or take a taxi.

Aug 14 2014
Flekke, Norway
" The location right on the sea is great. " 6.7

The location right on the sea is great. There is no beach but a concrete platform. The poor quality breakfast- lots of tinned fruit.

Jul 19 2014
London, UK
" This hotel has its own seafront. " 7.1

This hotel has its own seafront sunbathing and swimming. Our room was standard but was a good choice because it remained cool despite hot weather. The shower wasn't as good as I expected allowing for quite high specifications in the rest of the hotel.

Jul 6 2014
Ontario, Canada
" The staff was very friendly and helpful. " 6.3

The staff was very friendly and helpful. We stayed at nine hotels over the course of our holiday and this hotel was definitely the worst, yet among the most expensive. The food was very mediocre and no one questioned the half-full plates that were left.

Jun 25 2014

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