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Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort Amfora Resort
Very good 8.2 from 105 €

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Very good 8.3 from 75 €

Pharos Hotel Hvar Pharos Hotel
Decent 5.9 from 45 €


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London, UK
" The location is excellent. " 5.8

The location is excellent as it's so near to everything. If you book the room with sea view, you will love it even more! The hotel has no air-con. I have only booked one night here and I have difficulty to sleep because of the heat and lack of fresh air.

Sep 28 2014
Tuttlingen, Germany
" Everything was unbelievable dirty. " 3.3

Clean white towels in contrast to the general filthiness were good, but not enough. Everything was unbelievable dirty and old, dusty fan (ventilator), dusty nightstand with a chewing gum attached to it and spider webs everywhere. There were some weird dusty pipes running outside the wall to aggravate the unpleasant composition. There was not even a TV inside the room!

Sep 17 2014
Istanbul, Turkey
" The location is optimal. " 4.2

The location is optimal, it's right in the center of the harbor and it’s cheap, but you pay for it in other ways. Delfin has no air conditioning, which makes it impossible to sleep. There's no elevator to the fourth floor, it goes as high as the third floor, beware. Some staff are great, some hate their lives.

Sep 9 2014
Dublin, Ireland
" The location and view are the best. " 7.1

The location and view are the best things about this hotel. No Wi-Fi in the room. Can be noisy, could hear the neighbors talking and their extra-curricular activities!!!!

Sep 3 2014
Karlovac, Croatia
" Beautiful view of harbor. " 6.3

Staff changed sheets and towels every day. Beautiful view of harbor from the bar of the hotel. There was only one plug beside my bed so I couldn't have a fan plugged in and a lamp or phone charger in at the same time. Wi-Fi was only available at the bar or in reception but not the rooms.

Aug 28 2014
Helsinki, Finland
" The service was sloppy. " 4.2

The pool and the pool bar were the nicest things. Location on top of a hill also gave some good views. The service was sloppy. The customers were mainly loud British and North American men and giggly Nordic girls. A lot of drunken noise every night. The rooms did not have air conditioning which was very.

Aug 5 2014
Brussels, Belgium
" We were unable to get a double bed. " 7.1

We weren't expecting luxury but we certainly got our money’s worth. We were unable to get a double bed. There were only singles.

Jul 14 2014
Sarajevo, BiH
" The location of the hotel was perfect. " 8.8

The location of the hotel was perfect. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Breakfast was basic but enjoyable. The only bad thing about this hotel is that there is no conditioning or safe in the rooms (there is a shared safe at reception though).

Jul 8 2014
Edinburgh, UK
" Friendly and helpful staff. " 5

Friendly and helpful staff despite their awful working conditions. The antiquated overhead toilet basin. Lack of air con anywhere in the building. The lager louts sports bar nailed on to the front of the dilapidated old concrete box of a building. The "park view" was actually a view of a fence and a selection of overgrown weeds.

Jun 12 2014

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