DUBROVNIK  -  Dalmatia,  Croatia

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About Dubrovnik

Where is Dubrovnik: on the east coast of Adriatic sea; it is center of the southern Dalmatia.
The value of Dubrovnik as World Heritage site was recognised by UNESCO 30 years ago.

Not all cities live up to their accolades but Dubrovnik, christened the Pearl of the Adriatic by Byron, definitely does. Its immense walls enclose an amazingly safe-guarded jewel of history and it's hard not to feel transported in time when you stroll streets and squares.

The first fortifications were built in the 8th century, intense construction took place during Republic of Dubrovnik from the mid-15th to the end of the 16th century.

About Dubrovnik you can get the first impressions of one of the Mediterraneans most beautiful cities by beginning your visit with a promenade in Stradun or Placa, Old Town main street.

The amazing city of stone is surrounded with 1,940 m long thick, 25 m high stone walls.
One hour long walk, offers spectacular views of red tile roofs and the Adriatic Sea, meanders through forts and lookout towers, now cafes for coffee and pastry pit stops.

Fantastic view will inspire you to capture sights that will amaze you over and over again.
Visiting the world's second most visited museum in the open will surely take your breath away.
Lovrijenac Fort guarding city from the west and Revelin Fort from the east.

The Dubrovnik's most magnificent buildings: the Rector's Palace (the home of the Cultural History Museum), the Cathedral and the Dominican Monastery. All feature mediaeval frescoes and the Franciscan monastery has Europe's oldest pharmacy,

The Sponza Palace is monumental Gothic-Renaissance building, one of the most beautiful in the city and has preserved its original form. Nowadays it is home of the city archive which contain 7000 volumes and about 100.000 of individual manuscripts.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival is an irresistible outpouring of music, theatre and dance that attracts an all-star line up of international performers and an ever-increasing number of visitors to the unique setting of the indoor and open-air stages of the Renaissance/Baroque city.

Visit the museums of Dubrovnik to see where the rector of the famous Dubrovnik Republic used to reside, kind of sailing ships which formed the powerful Dubrovnik Republic fleet travelling around the known world, making Dubrovnik glorious, where grain and merchandise were stored...

Taste delicious Mediterranean specialties in the taverns and restaurants of Old Town or just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee on the Stradun.

Take home some of the typical Dubrovnik souvenirs (traditional filigree jewellery, delicacies, Konavle embroidery, a bronze statuette of St Blaise...) to remind you of the time when you began to reveal Dubrovnik and unavoidably fell in love, wishing to relive the feelings...

Dubrovnik attractions & activities

  • Stradun plaza
  • Old Town walls
  • Lovrijenac Fort
  • Church of St Blaise
  • The Rectors Palace
  • St Johns Fort
  • Summer festival
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Banje beach
  • Restaurants, taverns
  • Culture Club Revelin