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History of Brela

Brela (Beroyllia) was first mentioned in the book "On the Administration of the Empire", written by the famous Byzantine emperor and historian Constantine Porphyrogenitus, and published around the year 950.

Inhabitants of Brela were mentioned again in 1315, in a charter of Croatian duke Juraj Subic.

At the end of 16th century, foreign written sources distinguished two settlements, "Brela superior et inferior", or Brela Gornja and Brela Donja, todays two villages in the Brela borough.

Todays name, the Croatian term Brela, is mentioned for the first time in the testimony of a local friar in 1694.

Silvan's Relief - a precious archaeological finding from the 2nd or 3rd century, discovered in 1969. in Brela. The relief is inbuilt in the lintel of the local stable and represents the Illyrian pastoral god Silvan, the most admired and worshipped deity of the old Dalmatian tribe.
Silvan's task was to ensure the herd's health and reproduction.

 Church of St. Nicholas  St. Kajo Chapel  The Church of Our Lady of Carmel  Our Lady of Carmel Church

Historical attractions - what to see in Brela

Fortified tower in Soline - a fortified complex that was used for defense against Turks. Nowadays, both towers are adapted to apartment facilities.

Fort Poletnica - a significant historical site with the remains of the Turkish tower from the 16th and 17th century, a former scene of the numerous battles against the Turks.

Church of St. Nicholas - the pre-Turkish church was built probably in the early 16th century in honor of St. Nicholas, who had been the patron saint of the area for centuries, just until recently. The church was raised on a 572-metre high hill.

St. Kajo Chapel - placed at the mountain pass Nevista. Chapel was first mentioned in 1768.

The Church of Our Lady of Carmel - A charming Baroque church situated in Soline, Brela. It was built in 1715. as a sign of gratitude for the final victory over the Turks.
The church perfectly fits in its beautiful natural environment.

 Church of St. Stephen  Church of St. Stephen - built 1897  Church of St. Stephen - Donje selo  Church of St. George - Sv Juraj