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Radisson Blu Resort Split Split Radisson Blu Resort Split
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Hotel Luxe Split Hotel Luxe
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 Club Vanilla - Split  Club Hemmingway - Split  Club OHara - Split  Tropic Club Ecuador - Split

clubs & caffe bars

  • Club "Vanilla" - high end discoteque, see and be seen, live music, popular local and international music.
  • Club "Hemingway" - the top discoteque, near the sea, great cocktails, after Bacvice beach.
  • Club "O'Hara" - open-air disco, rock music, jazz nightlife in Split, great cocktail bar.
  • "Tropic Club Ecuador" - on the beach Bacvice, top party place, younger audience, DJ's and live music.
  • Club "Bacvice" - on the Bacvice beach, cave dancers and party till early morning, younger audience.
  • "Puls" Bar - Hip, sleek, pulsates on summer nights, in the old town narrow streets, allways crowded.
  • "Luxor" Caffe bar - and Restaurant, right on the Peristil, by St Duje Cathedral, live music, salsa...
  • "Ghetto" Club - hot nightlife in Split place, DJ's and live music, art exhibitions, funky interior.

 Coctail Club Bacvice - Split  Caffe bar Puls - Split  Luxor Caffe bar - Split  Ghetto Club - Split

 Cafe bar ST Riva - Split  Club Imperium - Split  Caffe bar Fluid - Split  Caffe bar Gaga - Split

more nightlife in Split - clubs & bars

  • Cafe bar "ST Riva" - on the Riva, spend early evening hours hanging out watching who's out too.
  • Club "Imperium" - top new club in the ferry harbour, restaurant, like on a ship, live music or DJ...
  • Caffe bar "Fluid" - As nearby Puls, Fluid is and excellent place for hanging in the summer evening.
  • Caffe bar "Gaga" - local bar with long tradition, near by the Piazza Square.
  • "Teak" Caffe bar - drink on the terrace during the day, intense socialising at night.
  • Club "Quasimodo" - bar during day, younger crowd, rock, indie rock, jazz, blues, live music...
  • Caffe bar "Kauri" - all ages audience, weekends live music and DJ music...
  • "Egoist","Hedonist" bars - new bars for nightlife in Split, hostes show...

 Teak Caffe bar - Split  Club Quasimodo - Split  Caffe bar Kauri - Split  Egoist,Hedonist Bars - Split

 Bars and caffes along Riva - Split  Irish pub - Split  Beach Lounge bar Stella Mares - Split  Club Jungla - Split

clubs, bars, casino, cinemas

 Grand Casino hotel Lav - Podstrana - Split  Cineplexx cinemas - Split  Cinestar cinemas - Split

 City Center One Mall - Split  Joker Mall - Split  Mercator Mall - Split  Emmezeta Mall - Split

shopping in Split

  • "City Center One" Mall - the largest and the newest mall in Split, can be reached by local bus line.
  • "Joker" Mall - popular mall, walking distance from the Old town or by local bus line.
  • "Mercator" Mall - 2km from Split, can be reached by local bus.
  • "Emmezeta" Mall - 6km from Split, can be reached by local bus, Brico store nearby.
  • Shops in Old town - high end boutiques, brand shops, jewelry, shoes, sporting goods, souvenirs...
  • "Profil" bookshop - foreign literature, books, travel guides, maps, souvenirs, audio-video medias.
  • "Algoritam" bookshop - foreign books, maps, travel guides, audio CDs, DVDs, souvenirs.
  • Split local market - fresh home grown fruit, vegetables, flowers, souvenirs and other stuff, camels ;)

 Shops in Old town - Split  Profil bookshop - Split  Algoritam bookshop - Split  Split local market