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 Quality fresh fish - Oborita riba  Lobster - Jastog  Smoked ham and Pag cheese - Dalmatinski prsut and Paski sir  Variety of shells - Kamenice, dagnje, Jakobova

Dalmatian specialties

A prelude of Dalmatian mediterannian cousine - a small selection of Dalmatian specialities for all your senses. Fresh and healthy seafood, homegrown bio food, olive extravergine iol, local wines from sunny vineyards, great variety of flavors for every taste... Wine, dine and unwind!

 Shrimps sauce or grill - Skampi na buzaru  Beef stew with dumplings - Pasticada sa njokima  Stuffed or grilled calamari - Lignje na zaru  Fish stew, brodetto - Brujet

 Barbecued lamb - Janjetina na raznju  All sorts of risotto - Rizoto, crni, skampi  Octopus salad - Salata od hobotnice  Octopus under baking lid - Hobotnica ispod peke

Lobster - Malvasija "Marin Drzic"

Lobster - a seafood specialty prepared in a traditional Dalmatia style, in tomato sauce and white wine sauce, other variations: grilled, cooked with pasta, brodetto, stuffed...
Note: Lobster do not have big clamps but two long straight antennas.

Malvasija Marin Drzic - white dry wine, made in Dubrovnik. The first type of grapevine recorded in the archive of The Republic of Dubrovnik.
Gastro recommendation: it is drunk as an aperitif with the noblest kind of white fish.

 Lobster - Jastog  Lobster - stuffed  Lobster - with pasta  Malvasija Marin Drzic - white dry wine, made in Dubrovnik

 Restaurant Gils - Dubrovnik Old port terrace  Restaurant Gils - Dubrovnik Old Town  Restaurant Nautika - Dubrovnik  Restaurant Nautika - Dubrovnik, Lovrijenac Fort

list of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik

Only the best restaurants in Dubrovnik - recommended places where to eat in Dubrovnik.

  • Restaurant "Gils" - restaurant and lounge bar, French Fusion cuisine. Experience Haute-Cuisine at its funkiest and loose yourself in sensory pleasure. Address: Svetog Dominika bb, tel.: +385 (0)20 322 221
  • Restaurant "Nautika" - great location, one of Croatia's top restaurants, blend of classic and modern Mediterranean cuisine. Address: Pile, Brsalje 3, tel.: +385 (0)20 44 25 26
  • Restaurant "Proto" - Old Town, fish and seafood prepared in traditional Dubrovnik style, popular meat dishes are on offer, rich selection of local wines. Address: Siroka 1, tel.: +385 (0)20 32 32 34
  • Restaurant "Orhan" - at the foot of Lovrjenac Fort, terrace with sea view,international and traditional cuisine, seafood, black-ink risotto, roast veal... Address: Od Tabakarije 1, tel.: +385 (0)20 41 41 83
  • Restaurant "Lokanda - Peskarija" - fish restaurant situated under the city walls, a wonderful view, the terrace is in the Old city port by the sea. Address: Na ponti bb, tel.: +385 (0)20 324 750
  • Tavern "Posat" - one of the most beautiful views of the city walls and sea, romantic place for dinning, authentic sea food and grilled meat, cocktails. Address: Uz posat 1, tel.: +385 (0)20 421 194

 Restaurant Proto - Dubrovnik, Old Town  Restaurant Orhan - Dubrovnik, Pile  Restaurant Lokanda - Peskarija - Dubrovnik, Old port  Tavern Posat - Dubrovnik, Old Town

 Restaurant Gariful, Dubrovnik  Tavern Dundo Maroje - Dubrovnik, Old Town  Tavern Kamenica - Dubrovnik, Old Town  Steakhouse Domino - Dubrovnik, Old Town

where to eat in Dubrovnik - restaurants, taverns, pizzerias

  • Restaurant "Dubrovacki Kantun" - in the Old Town, traditional Dubrovnik food, home atmosphere, on a diet or vegetarian, rich meal combined with fine Dalmatian wine. Address: Ulica Boskoviceva 5
  • Tavern "Dundo Maroje" - intimate, traditional tavern, great variety of food, poultry dishes, sea food, red meat. Address: Kovacka bb, tel.: +385 (0)20 321 021
  • Tavern "Kamenica" - fresh Dalmatian sea food, specialty - fresh oysters, black risotto, octopus salad, fried small fish, low budget prices. Address: Gunduliceva poljana 8, tel.: +385 (0)20 421 499
  • Steakhouse "Domino" - Old Town, carpaccio, comprehensive menu of Dalmatian and international dishes, terrace in the old city walls, live piano music. Address: Od Domina 6, tel.: +385 (0)20 323 103
  • Pizzeria "Mea Culpa" - Old Town, 100 metres away from Stradun, enjoy in a lavish choice of pizzas and salads. Address: Za Rokom 3, tel.: +385 (0)20 323 430
  • Spaghetteria "Toni" - small Italian restaurant, huge choice of pasta, lasagnas and salads. Address: Nikole Bozidarevica 14, tel.: +385 (0)20 323 134

 Pizzeria Mea Culpa - Dubrovnik, Old Town  Spaghetteria Toni - Dubrovnik, Old Town  Restaurants in Preko street - next to Stradun, Dubrovnik  Dinning in Dubrovnik - restaurants in Preko street