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Hotel Imperial Vodice Hotel Imperial
Good 7.3 from 67 €

Hotel Olympia Vodice Hotel Olympia
Very good 8.1 from 84 €

Hotel Duje Srima Vodice Hotel Duje
Very good 8.1 from 55 €


Hotel Guest Reviews
Sydney, Australia
" Food was good with various choices. " 8

Rooms are not big but renovated and clean. Food was good with various choices. Staff is not just polite, but you really feel welcomed there. I would definitely recommend hotel - nice surroundings at peninsula. But if you want a touristic noise - just walk five minutes at any direction and you will find it.

Sep 25 2014
Helsinki, Finland
" This hotel needs a renovation. " 6.3

This hotel needs a renovation. But the staff was very polite and helpful in our decisions about which trip to take. This hotel is very close to the center of Vodice.

Sep 17 2014
Trbovlje, Slovenia
" The bathroom is so small. " 6.1

The bathroom is so small, that 2 people could hardly be inside at the same time. There is just 1 very tiny small shelf for cosmetics. On The other hand the food is brilliant.

Sep 14 2014
Chicago, USA
" This hotel needs some renovation. " 5.9

This hotel needs some renovation. The ceiling was worn and covered by some plastic sheets. There were two elevators which were absolutely tiny.

Sep 7 2014
Ulm, Germany
" Hotel rated 4 stars but was more 3 star." 6.2

Hotel rated 4 stars but was more 3 star. Good location, easy to walk to the harbor. Bar closed early as out of season, didn't know quite what to do with myself in the evening. Buffet food was average, could usually find something I liked nothing special but freshly cooked.

Aug 19 2014
Stockport, UK
" Excellent location. " 7.4

Average in many respects but in an excellent location and mangiest views available from the upper floors. The one criticism was the food standard which was lower than expected. Great for brief stays but a week would be too long.

Aug 10 2014
Stockholm, Sweden
" The staff is very nice, friendly and professional. " 8.7

You have to pay for the internet access, approximately 10 Euro for one day, which is way too much! Another thing is that you have to pay your parking place extra, also about 10 euro per day. The staff is very nice, friendly and professional, willing to help you with all questions you have. The food is great. For breakfast you can choose from variety of fruit, cereals, dairy products, salamis, ham, scrambled eggs, sausages etc. The evening meal is even better - several sorts of cold and warm appetizers, soups, warm and cold dishes - fish, meat, vegetarian, side dishes, desserts, fruit.

Jul 24 2014
Budapest, Hungary
" There was plenty of choice of food. " 6.2

There was plenty of choice of food but the standard was not gourmet - you could always find something, however. It is nicely situated on the edge of the pleasant resort town of Vodice.

Jul 14 2014
Lucerne, Switzerland
" NO FREE wireless. " 6.1

Room lightning had only 4 (and only 3 working) lamps. There was no shoe shine or sewing kit. NO FREE wireless. If you wish to connect to the Internet you have to pay 11€/day, or 4.50€/hour!

Jun 30 2014

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