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Kiev, Ukraine
" On arrival we were stood ten minutes at the desk. " 4.9

On arrival we were stood some ten minutes at the desk whilst the three staff members held a mini-symposium and ignored a number of guests who came and went. Using the local bus to Markarska was fine at 10kn each way but when out visit to Split did not coincide with the times we requested a taxi from the Reception which they told us would be 40 to 50kn. At the end of the journey he told us that the Hotel had agreed 90kn with him for the fare.

Sep 25 2014
Stuttgart, Germany
" The location is so good. " 10

The location is so good; a traffic free pleasant promenade runs at the back of the hotel with pine trees and the beach. The views on the mountains and across the sea are spectacular especially at sunset. The staff were very friendly and helpful and the entertainment by the pool not intrusive to those wanting a quiet and peaceful time. We would definitely like to return to Hotel Blue Sun Alga.

Sep 18 2014
Arad, Romania
" The Hotel isn't very attractive. " 6.7

From the outside, the Hotel isn't very attractive, and looks like a 3 star Hotel. The Internet reception isn't very good and the swimming pool has salty water. The staff was really helpful and professional. The breakfast and the dinner were really good and tasty.

Sep 12 2014
London, UK
" The hotel's location is right on the promenade and beach. " 8

It's not a pretty building, the accommodation is a bit cramped, the restaurant rather canteen like although the food is pretty decent, staff are variable but what makes up for it is the hotel's location right on the promenade and beach.

Sep 3 20123
Berlin, Germany
" We stayed here for our honeymoon and we loved it! " 9.2

We stayed here for our honeymoon and we loved it! The staff was welcoming and polite; even if not all of them spoke English (most of them spoke German, though). For breakfast you could choose from a large variety.

Aug 29 2014
Salzburg, Austria
" The room with sea view had a good size. " 7.1

The room with sea view had a good size, was clean and had everything we needed, including a really nice sea view. Wi-Fi is free and works mostly ok, although not always stable. The first disappointment was the huge dining area, which is located under the pool and has this 'basement' feeling to it. The food was ok. We had a technician twice in our room who basically told us, that the AC was working perfectly. But the room did not really cool down, although we had the AC running 24/7.

Aug 11 2014
Hokksund, Norway
" There were large buffet tables with warm and cold dishes. " 8.2

The room was OK, not the biggest we have had, but the smallest either. A comfortable double bed and a small table and 2 chairs. We had breakfast included in the price. There were large buffet tables with warm and cold dishes. More than enough to cover the needs of a hungry guest.

Jul 14 2014
Yarm, UK
" Nice hotel, diverse food and clean rooms." 7.9

Nice hotel, diverse food and clean rooms. The catering staff does not wear gloves when handling food; I actually saw one waitress move the bread around in the baskets without wearing gloves. The corridors are very hot.

Jul 9 2014
Adelaide, Australia
" The hotel is situated across the promenade. " 8.7

It was a surprise to open the curtains next morning and see the close proximity of the mountains. The hotel is situated across the promenade to a rather picturesque, if stony beach, with clear blue water. There is plenty of shade on the beach from pine trees.

Jun 24 2014

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