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Hotel Rosina Makarska Hotel Rosina
Very good 8.2 from 71 €

Hotel Park Makarska Hotel Park
Fabulous 8.9 from 132 €

Hotel Maritimo Makarska Hotel Maritimo
Superb 9.3 from 72 €


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London, UK
" Hotel décor is very impressive. " 10

Hotel décor is very impressive and the staff goes extra mile to keep customers happy. Both the restaurants give amazing service. Overall a very good experience and will definitely visit again

Sep 25, 2014
Manchester, UK
" Mealtimes were very boring. " 6.2

We explored the resort which is very picturesque and very accessible and friendly with lots of restaurant's bars and shops. However as the week went on we became quite disappointed with the Hotel. 'Soulless' was our feelings, mealtimes were very boring, you were asked to sit at same table each evening by way of a post it note on your table with your room number on, no interaction with staff.

Sep 17, 2014
Munich, Germnay
" Excellent design in hotel and bedrooms. " 6.5

Excellent design in hotel and bedrooms, except for glass door on bathroom which had gaps all round it and no handle or lock. We had a room on the front and every night we were woken in the early hours by young clubbers shouting and screaming as they came out of the night club down on the beach next door.

Sep 6, 2014
Jyvaskyla, Finland
" On the subject of food, little choice. " 7

On first inspection it's modern and clean but impractical. The central tap on the bath juts dangerously out. The shower is fabulously powerful and lots of hot water. You have to scoop toothpaste etc away towards the hole with your hand to get rid of it. On the subject of food, little choice. Some sort of fish every night, pasta or a chop or escalope. The sweet was usually a pastry or a pot of yoghurt.

Aug 30 2014
Vienna, Austria
" Great modern hotel and very clean. " 8.2

Great modern hotel and very clean - in fact we are so impressed as the whole of our stay everywhere has been extremely clean! Bathroom very modern and nice however there was a horrid smell which never went away.

Aug 18 2014
Valencia, Spain
" The ambience is beautiful. " 7.9

The ambience is beautiful, with lovely soft furnishings in the room. We were overlooking the Port with such a stunning view of the promenade. The only improvement I'd like to see to the rooms is a walk in shower - with such large bathrooms it feels like a real shame to have the shower over the bath. We also had a very early checkout and the hotel packed up two breakfasts for us to go, a service I have not seen anywhere else before.

Aug 4 2014
Graz, Austria
" The curtains over the balcony were very annoying. " 7.8

The curtains over the balcony were very annoying and not necessary! The bathroom was lovely but we found the lighting too subdued to be able to see. The views are super and we had a room on the top floor looking back to the town. Breakfast not very exciting, and the signs about removing food from the restaurant are very old fashioned and unnecessary. There is parking out the front that is free, however not many parks, perhaps parking for 20 cars.

Jul 19 2014
Maribor, Slovenia
" The bedrooms have lots of gadgets. " 8

The bedrooms have lots of gadgets firstly your room key card needs to be in a special slot before the room electrics work - and whenever the door opens it returns to a default setting. The beds are comfy and have a white duvet cover over a light duvet - no top sheet. The breakfast is served on the first floor. Yoghurts, cereal, muesli, cheese, fruit, meats with cooked sausages and eggs usually kept hot.

Jul 7 2014
Schwedelbach, Germany
" The front desk was superb. " 10

A special note about the Hotel staff and the customer service. They are caring, professional and super timely on any and all requests that we made. The front desk was superb, the waiters & waitresses are outstanding and the cleaning people are great and friendly.

Jun 19 2014

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