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Berlin, Germany
" You can relax in beautiful surroundings. " 10

If you are looking for a family holiday where you can relax in beautiful surroundings, swim in either a pool or the sea and enjoy wonderful scenery then this is the place to go.

Sep 16 2014
Devon, UK
" The beach is quite narrow. " 6.1

It is a hotel that largely caters to package holidaymakers, which we were not. I imagine these guest get a better value than we did as we booked over the website which we felt was far too much for what we actually got. The hotel is located on a beautiful stretch of beach, with clean and clear water. The beach is quite narrow though, and gets quite crowded.

Sep 9 2014
Bratislava, Slovakia
" I just loved the building. " 8.2

It is just next to the beach so if you prefer stay in a shade you can use the garden. I just loved the building due to its 70's feeling and thanks to many small atriums with trees and flowers. The only weak point of the hotel is the stuff which is just not very warm - which I missed a lot. The majority of hotel guests was an older people (over 60), which was quite strange because there was a plenty of stairs to go down to the beach.

Sep 2 2014
Chicago, USA
" Splendid staff. " 8.1

Splendid staff, especially guys and girls at the reception beautiful and peaceful place, beautiful and clean beach with pine shadows, crystal clear water.

Aug 11 2014
Warsaw, Poland
" For buffet dinner we had a very good choice. " 7.9

The reception desk at Berulia hotel couldn't find our on-line reservation, but they had vacant rooms at Berulia Beach part which is their dependence. Close to a beautiful and clean beach with pine shadows. For buffet dinner we had a very good choice, although some of things may had not been the highest standard.

Aug 9 2014
Graz, Austria
" The hotel is in a very good shape. " 10

The hotel is in a very good shape, the rooms are on the smaller side, but very clean and they all come with a balcony of a decent size. The stroll to the center of Brela takes about 10 - 15 minutes from the hotel along the beach, but Baska Voda on the other side is more recommendable. If you walk to Baska Voda along the beach, you will pass a few very nice beach bars and restaurants.

Jul 26 2014
Liverpool, UK
" The hotel is old fashioned. " 6

The hotel is old fashioned. 14" CRT TV, rusty fittings in the shower, there is not any shelves to put your suitcase. If you live in Berulia Beach, then each morning you will find an amazing quest how to get to the restaurant, pool bar, fitness by the numerous stairs.

Jul 14 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark
" It is not old fashioned. " 8

It is a large hotel. It is not old fashioned. Ok it was built in the 60's or 70's but it is well presented, clean and well appointed. There is a lovely beach and fabulous views. The beach was not busy and the grounds were lovely.

Jul 8 2014
Kranj, Slovenia
" There are not many amenities in this hotel. " 7.3

You have to walk along the beach for around 15 minutes to get to either Brela or Baska Voda. There are not many amenities in this hotel and it is some distance from the village, but surrounding and beaches are unbeatable.

Jun 16 2014

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